Ardennen Poteau 44 Museum


Museum was closed on April 1st 2014

In the winter of 1944 the village Poteau was the scene of fierce fighting between the American and German army. Around Poteau raged a tank battle of several days. This battle was part of the Ardennes Counteroffensive. Ardennen Poteau ’44 museum main theme is the Battle of the Bulge.

The Poteau 44 museum shows lif-size dioramas with uniformed dummies and genuine WWII military vehicles.

For an extra fee you can take a ride in a Halftrack on the grounds of the museum. A stop will be made at the site were the 14th Cavalry Group ran into a German ambush. Here, the guide will narrate about this first attack on december 18th 1944.

The American reconnaissance unit had just started off from the village of Poteau. The German soldiers of Kampfgruppe Hansen had prepared an ambush in the woods along the road. The Germans let the vehicles pass. After 400 meters
the first vehicles of the column were destroyed with Panzerfausts. This caused the American column to a halt, vehicles almost bumper to bumper, then a few Jagdpanzer IV’s appeared from the side. The Americans were totally surprised, the vehicles could not move back or forward. And because of the steep slope along the road, the vehicles could not spread to the sides. The Americans left their vehicles and retreated on foot back to the safety of the village Poteau.

Nice to know:

Tour in a halftrack (American M5 or German Sd.Kfz. 251). Only with fair weather and a filled up vehicle.
Multilingual signs and guides

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Some photo’s when the museum was still open:

Museum Poteau44

Ardennen Poteau ’44 Museum (CLOSED)
Poteauerstrasse 22