Tank monument Panther at Houffalize

Panther in town

Tank in the middle of Houffalize

This is a Panther tank was part of the 116th German Panzer Division, nicknamed “Windhund”. During the fighting at Houffalize in december 1944 this tank fell in the river Ourthe. One story is that a bomb blast threw this 40 ton tank upside down in the river, killing it’s crew. Years after the war the Belgium army pulled the tank out and only then the killed crew members could be buried.

This Panther tank is a Battle of the Bulge monument. During this German offensive the very strategic crossroad town Houffalize was taken by German troops. American counter-attacks were repulsed vigorously. After heavy shelling and bombing, in which about 200 citizens lost their lives, the U.S. 2nd, 3rd and 11th Armored divisions were able to break the Nazi stronghold.

On januari 16th 1944 Patto’s Third Army and Montgomery’s forces could link up at Houffalize. This made the Bulge smaller and the Germans were forced to retreat to the east.

Tank Info

Panther tank
Rue de Libramont 11

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