Military Museum Diekirch

National Museum of Military History at Diekirch

Battle of the Bulge destroys town Diekirch

 The National Museum of Military History is located in the town Diekirch in Luxembourg. Main theme of the museum is the Battle of the Bulge which raged through this region in 1944.

 Over 3000 square metres of exhibition space are filled with dioramas, vehicles, weapons. Because the museum is built in an old brewery the layout is unusual and surprising. When you take your time to read some of the texts and nose around in the museum shop, you can easily spend 2 hours in this museum.

 The big diorama of the night crossing of the river Sauer by elements of the 5th US Infantry Division is very well done. After your eyes are accustomed to the darkness, the scene of the night of January 18 1945 unfolds itself slowly.

Battle of the Bulge

This museum is focussed on the Battle of the Bulge, but is also the National Museum of Military History of Luxembourg. The route takes you along many displays, uniforms, weapons, vehicles and other artefacts.

Big Museum

The National Museum of Military History at Diekirch is a rather big museum packed with authentic military equipment.



Museum Info

 National Museum of Military History
Bamertal 10

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