Tank monument Sherman at Vielsalm

Sherman at Vielsalm

M4A1 Sherman tank of the 7th Armored Division at Vielsalm width plaque. Located at Rue Vieille Chavée 7, 6690 Vielsalm, Belgium.


The invicible tank
The invincible courage
The American 7th Armored Division and attached units headquartered in Vielsam during the crucial period of the German offensive of the Ardennes in 1944 held the important center of St. Vith preventing any advance and any exploration on this main line thus frustrating the German offensive by its sacrifice of the allied counter offensive.
St. Vith, Belgium 17-23 dec. 1944
Dedicated 9 june 1984
Presented by the Seventh Armored Division Association in honor of all who fought so valiantly at St. Vith.

Sherman tank at Vielsam